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                       NASIM BAHRAINI                                                      





Nasim Bahraini was born in south of Iran . She started drawing when she was 3 years old.  She learned her skills in the high school and Valiasr University of Tehran.  She continued her education in studio art at the American University in Dubai.  She explores her feelings, thoughts, soul, pain and memories through the usage of different techniques in photography and printmaking.  She explores how society was influenced after the war, especially in her generation.  She is also interested in studying the situation of women in today’s society.


Artist statement
Art from my perspective, is to reveal my passion and show people how I live,
think and communicate where I come from and the culture associated with it.
I am using photography with different techniques like digital and dark room work to show the different moods of my content. 
The body of my work is about the
Society, culture and fashion.